First Home  Health Care   is a locally owned and operated
home health agency.  The agency is Medicare certified,  
and is licensed to provide services in Wayne, Macomb ,
Oakland , and Monroe,Ingham ,Kent,Genesee counties In
Michigan.  First Home  Health Care provides a full range
of home care services including but not limited to Nursing,
Physical therapy, Occupational therapy , Speech therapy,
Social worker and Home Health aide in the privacy of
your own home.

First Home Health Care, Inc. takes pride in attaining the
highest level of impeccable professionalism in “care
giving and respect.” First Home Health Care, Inc.
employs highly trained professionals with extensive
experience in the field of home health care who are
courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Our skilled  and
experienced staff will educate you about your medical
condition, regarding  methods of curtailment / prevention
remedial exercises, etc.

First Home Health Care, Inc. believes in building long
term relationships with you and your care givers. First
Home Health Care, Inc. welcomes all questions / concerns
regarding your care, treatment and medication. All
queries will be promptly and satisfactorily answered. First
Home Health Care, Inc. encourages interaction with your
family members / friends, whom you trust and in your
presence. Our philosophy revolves around your happiness,
health and safety.    


Whether you simply want companionship or require
intensive support following an illness or an accident, we
can address your specific home care needs. We will work
cooperatively with your local hospital based home care
department to provide service that may span from two
hours per day to round the clock attendance, seven days a
week. We will provide home health aides, Licensed
Practical Nurses, or Registered Nurses, depending upon
the skill level you require. We strive to offer you
precisely the right combination of services to promote
recovery and independence. Beyond our direct services,
we will assist in referring you to other appropriate
supportive community services. We at First Home Health  
are committed to providing compassionate, quality care at
the most reasonable cost available. Whether going home
from the hospital with continuing health care needs or
needing support with your daily activities, having the
professional health care you need may be your next step
to recovery and independence.


The Nurse may provide such skilled services as: physical
assessments, administration of injections, foley catheter
insertions, vein punctures for various laboratory testing,
administration of intravenous fluids and medications,
wound care, burns, surgical sites, tube sites, tracheotomy,
colostomy, ileostomy care. One of the most important
functions of the nurse is to provide education and training
to all patients, families, and caregivers regarding their
illness, disease processes, diet medications, and self care
that assists the patient in reaching an optimal level of
independent functioning and health maintenance.    


These services may include: gait training using various
assisted devices, therapeutic exercises designed to
strengthen and improve joint range of motion or to
prevent joint contracture due to muscular disease,
ultrasound therapy, patient education in transfer
techniques and use of adaptive equipment, such as
wheelchairs and hoyer lifts, and instructing patients and
caregivers on long-term exercise programs.  


Speech therapy services assist the patient in developing
effective communication skills using various adaptive
methods, the management of swallowing deficits, and can
provide training on improving oral motor control and


Occupational therapy services include evaluation of the
patient's functional abilities, teaching of task-oriented
therapeutic activities to restore physical function,
teaching activities of daily living and energy conservation
to improve a patient's level of independence, and
instruction on the use of self -help devices.    


Social workers provide assistance to obtain necessary
resources that allows patients to maintain an optimal
status of health in the home setting. Social Workers also
provide long-range planning to assist the patient and
family with an adequate in-home setting, and arranging
for care alternatives if necessary.   


Home Health Aides provide and assist the patient with
personal care including bathing, dressing, grooming, hair
care, oral hygiene, and nail care. In addition to these basic
needs, Home Health Aides also assist with feeding,
elimination, routine catheter and ostomy care, ambulation
and transfers, simple dressing changes, and skin care.   


First Home Health Care  has a Registered Dietitian who
is able to assist the Registered Nurse in the assessment
and care of patients who have complex nutritional needs.
The Registered Dietitian may also provide education to
the patient, family, and caregivers in order to promote
compliance with the patient's plan of care.   


For some, activities of daily living, such as dressing,
bathing or grooming, can be very difficult. A loved one
recovering from surgery, an illness, or following
hospitalization may need either temporary or long-term


Respite Care provides companionship, supervision and
assistance for those who are often homebound. We
provide help for your loved one when you cannot be there.


We provide assistance with housekeeping tasks such as
laundry, meal preparation, and routine house cleaning
activities that can no longer be accomplished
independently. This service helps to maintain a safe and
healthy environment.